Turning Information Into Your Best Bed Ever

We want you to walk out of our store with the best bed you’ve ever owned in your life—and enjoy that bed for many years to come. To accomplish that goal, we’re committed to educating you about what goes into the construction of bedding. We want to help you know what to look for (and what to avoid). We want you to know about mattress care and everything else necessary to feel very comfortable about your purchase decision. That’s our promise to you.

How to turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary

Turning your bedroom into a slumber haven doesn't have to be hectic or overly expensive. If you want to convert your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary, comfort is paramount. While lighting, ventilation and the color of your bedroom walls matter a great deal, the key is...

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What is a pillow top mattress and is it right for me?

The term "pillow top mattress" may call to mind a number of different images. Perhaps you think of resting on a fluffy cloud or cuddling up on a giant cotton ball. While these aren't perfect descriptions, they hint at the most important attribute of this type of...

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5 tips for buying a mattress as a couple

Something couples tend to overlook when moving in together is their mattress. Finding a mattress that you both like can be complicated. One of you may like a soft mattress, the other one a firm one. Where and how do you compromise? Here are a few tips to consider when...

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How do you know if your mattress is causing back pain?

Your mattress plays a significant role in enhancing the quality of your sleep and the way you feel when you wake up. If you are sleeping on the wrong mattress, your spine can lose its normal alignment, which puts strain on your back muscles, causing back pain. On the...

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Why a good mattress is crucial to your health

It is well-known that the right mattress can contribute significantly to your overall health. From good spinal alignment to preventing back pain, there are many benefits. Did you know that a good quality mattress could be the solution to your high blood pressure,...

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Thank you for 30 years

30 years ago, I was a … younger … man, who believed that people needed quality mattresses. I also believed that I was one who could make it happen. The precise way to make that happen would take me just a couple years to perfect – but I’m proud to say that 30 years...

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Love that lasts

While our relationships with our favorite humans are the most important, creating a long-lasting relationship with your mattress can help sustain you for years to come. Here’s why you need to prioritize this relationship: Your L&W mattress won’t let you down. Our...

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Some things don’t have to change

During a time of year when we relish in tradition and reminisce about years gone by, it’s hard not to notice how much has changed in our world. People shop on Thanksgiving Day. People can’t get through a meal without looking at their phones. People are digging...

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