5 tips for buying a mattress as a couple


Something couples tend to overlook when moving in together is their mattress. Finding a mattress that you both like can be complicated. One of you may like a soft mattress, the other one a firm one. Where and how do you compromise? Here are a few tips to consider when buying a mattress as a couple.

1. Budget

The average person spends about one-third of their life asleep. This fact drives home the importance of a quality mattress. Mattresses range from several hundred to several thousand dollars. Prices reflect the mattress type, size, special features and material.

When discussing your budget with your partner, decide if you’re going to purchase the mattress outright or finance. Establish a price range, which will help narrow down your search.

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2. The size

A queen-size mattress may work fine for some couples. Others may need a king-size bed for the extra space. Consider your weight, height and how much you or your partner moves around. For couples, we recommend sticking to queen-size and above to ensure comfort.

3. Sleeping positions

People with different sleeping positions require different mattress firmness to avoid aches and pains caused by prolonged spinal misalignment. A side sleeper needs a softer mattress than a stomach sleeper, who benefits from firmness. Consider the position or positions you sleep in when comparing options.

4. Type of sleeper

Some people are hot sleepers and other cold sleepers. The former wakes up sweaty and hot at night, while the latter wakes up chilly. Keep these predispositions in mind as you shop mattresses. A breathable material that will allow the hot sleeper some cooling effect and warm the cold sleeper is the best choice.

5. Firmness preferences

One of you may prefer to feel like you’re sleeping on a cozy cloud while the other finds it easier to drift off on a rock-hard surface. This, like many things in a relationship, will require some compromise. A medium-firm bed is a middle ground you might be able to agree on.

L&W Bedding can help

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