The L&W Difference

Be Comfortable with your Decision

At L&W Bedding, we want you to be comfortable with your customized mattress decision. The moment you step into one of our two showrooms, you notice how vastly different we are from any big box store. Our experienced staff will educate you on what makes our mattresses different, but you’ll truly feel the difference from the moment you first sleep on one. That’s because we make our mattresses the old-fashioned way with the craftsmanship of the 70’s and 80’s combined with a modern twist of customization, ensuring long-lasting security, strength, and comfort for years to come. Plus, if a problem ever arises with your mattress, you work directly with us for a solution, cutting out the middleman to save you time and money.


Our mattresses are as unique as your sleep style. We listen and take into consideration your specific sleep patterns and then create a custom bed that fits and supports you to exceed your expectations. We take our time to work with you in a no-pressure environment, thoroughly explaining how option A differs from option B (and even options C, D or E). Our comfort experts will take your customization to the next level, discussing coils, pillow tops, gussets and more of the finer points of construction that can make all the difference. At L&W Bedding, we ensure you have all the options, carrying box springs to fit your needs. If you want to be 100% sure of your purchase, let us help get you there.


We’re a local Mom & Pop store

1. We’re a local Mom & Pop store

We treat our customers like family, and while we stand behind our products, if you should ever encounter any issues with your mattress, you work directly with us – not a distant call center who sees you as a number.
We build our own mattresses the traditional way

2. We build our own mattresses the traditional way

When you pick out the mattress that fits you, your mattress is made-to-order in our factory. We don’t carry bulk inventory because we don’t believe that mattresses are a “one size fits all” product. We take pride in bringing you high-quality and well-built products that can be delivered right to you.
Our mattresses are flippable

3. Our mattresses are flippable

Other companies don’t make flippable mattresses, but having the ability to utilize both sides allows for more use and longevity. Having a flippable mattress means you may only need to purchase one or two mattresses in your lifetime when following our use instructions.
Education is power

4. Education is power

When you walk into either of our two showrooms, we educate you on the products, providing you with the confidence to decide what you want, and then we get to work creating and designing your mattress-piece!
No sales or GIMMICKS

5. No sales or discounts

While you won’t find any sales or discounts in our store, we guarantee you go home with a high-quality, handcrafted, and made-to-order mattress. The last thing we want is for you to be unsatisfied with your investment. We work hard to ensure our mattresses are made to last, crafted right the first time for a comfortable sleep each and every night.


Visit us today to experience the L&W Bedding difference one of our comfortable, customizable, and flippable mattresses can make for your sleep. To schedule an appointment or for more information, call the location nearest you: Bettendorf at 563-459-0101, or Moline at 309-762-6019.