Some things don’t have to change


During a time of year when we relish in tradition and reminisce about years gone by, it’s hard not to notice how much has changed in our world.

People shop on Thanksgiving Day. People can’t get through a meal without looking at their phones. People are digging themselves into credit card debt needing the latest things they can’t afford. Worse yet, the things they’re acquiring aren’t even quality products anymore.

Dishwashers, furniture, and even blue jeans used to last years – decades sometimes. Sure, they may have cost more on the front end, but the store owners who sold you these products took pride in their offerings because they felt it was a reflection of their character.

That’s not common anymore. But, you can find it and you can find it right here in the Quad Cities.

John, the owner of L&W, sews and constructs every mattress by hand. There’s no mass production, no need for sales gimmicks or loud advertisements – just a guarantee of 100% satisfaction, a good night’s sleep, and quality craftsmanship. A mattress John makes lasts decades because it’s flippable and rests upon a real box spring (that means it has springs – not just foam), arguably one of the most important elements of a bed.

A mattress from L&W is made especially for you, too. Just come in the store and John will listen to you, no text message interruptions or note scribbling in the computer. He’ll make you feel like you’re talking with an old friend – and that’s priceless.

So when you need to experience life as it used to be, to own a product you know will last as long as your holiday traditions – come see us.