Love that lasts


While our relationships with our favorite humans are the most important, creating a long-lasting relationship with your mattress can help sustain you for years to come. Here’s why you need to prioritize this relationship:

  • Your L&W mattress won’t let you down. Our mattresses are made of durable innersprings, natural cotton batting and the heaviest weights of foam available in the bedding industry. That means that whether you like a firm or a soft bed, your back won’t be sagging in to the floor. Talk about a relationship you can depend on.
  • It was made for you. That’s right, every bed is custom made for you. After talking with John for just a few minutes about your wants and needs, he can tell you whether you need a Vienna, an Eclipse, or a Comforpedic. Then, he’ll create it. Every L&W mattress is made to fit.
  • It isn’t like the others. While mattresses from big box stores may promise to be made of the coziest foam around and may give you a money back guarantee, don’t be fooled. The surface may be appealing, but those mattresses aren’t made with the personalized touch and materials like an L&W.
  • It was made to last. Because each mattress is made with quality elements and rests on top of real box spring, it will last decades. Dick and Dr. Kerr can explain further. But, know that all you need to do is flip your mattress every three months and you’ll maintain it for years to come.

Being in a healthy relationship with your mattress can improve your night’s sleep, which is turn will make you healthier and happier. Next time you’re ready to make a change for the better, just come see John in Bettendorf or Moline.