Thank you for 30 years


30 years ago, I was a … younger … man, who believed that people needed quality mattresses. I also believed that I was one who could make it happen. The precise way to make that happen would take me just a couple years to perfect – but I’m proud to say that 30 years later, I’m still making mattresses the same way.

I do that because of you – for every person, couple, business, and dog (yes, I love to make custom dog beds) that has walked in to my store and put their good night’s sleep in my hands. I’m grateful you’ve trusted me and I hope every day you all know I go to work for you. I believe in what I do and I take so much pride in providing people a quality product in a day and age where quick, easy, and cheap is all the rage.

The Quad Cities is my home. The place I raised my children. The place I enjoy a summer day on the golf course with friends I’ve known for years. The place I’ve grown my business and helped thousands sleep well.

So, 30 years later, this is my thank you note to you. I’m so grateful you’ve stuck with me through the years and I promise you that as long as I’m making beds at L&W, they’ll be hand-crafted for your comfort.